Welcome to Tom and Olly's summer adventure! You've probably already heard how wonderful this trip will be, now you can see for yourself!

This epic journey is part inspired by the Mongol Rally, a group of intrepids who 'race' to Mongolia in very small cars for the thrill of the challenge and to raise money for charity.

We are making our journey unique by not joining the rally and using a bigger car. We thought it would be good to support a Mongolian charity so half the money we raise will go to Mercy Corps Mongolia, which is one of the rally charities.

We are also raising money for a different charity, the Masiphumelele Youth Project in Cape Town. This charity was set up by Shake Seigel and his brother so has a personal tie to our medical school. (For anyone who doesn't know Shake he is a legendary member of the GEM staff!)

Please have a look and give what you can:

Our Justgiving page
More project info at: Masiphumelele Youth Project

We will try and use this blog thing to keep you posted on how we get on. But who knows how we'll get on updating it where we're going...

We have currently raised £350 for the Ubuntu Foundation, and by donating the car expect to raise a few thousand pounds for the Kindergarten for cerebral palsy children in Ulaanbaatar. see goodbye susie for more. (6/9/07)

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Yes, we've arrived in Hungary and it's about 35 degrees Celcius. Or at least, it feels that way.

We picked up Rob Hadman (friend from college) at Dover after a night camped on the side of a country lane. Whizzed through France to Basel where we met Naomi, also from college. Tour of the town which culminated in the obligatory Irish pub and then a night spent in a town park, or the car if you were me. Tuesday meant 500 miles through Switzerland, Germany and Austria, taking in sausages in the Bavarian hinterlands and Schnitzel in Vienna. Vienna looked great by car as we struggled to find a youth hostel, despite the help of a very friendly receptionist at the Vienna Hilton. Naturally the hostel was full, which meant a night in the bushes at a very busy service station between Vienna (actually called Wien) and the Hungarian border.

Just left Tescos(!) which have huge superstores all over Hungary, where we erroneously bought 27 litres of (foul) sparkling water. Still, we have to keep the fluid levels up. About to dump Rob (who for some bizarre reason has to get to Istanbul in under 72 hours) and head for Transylvania, and thence to Bulgaria and Turkey...

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